Analysis Of Patrick Henry Speech

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A Speech to be Remembered
During Patrick Henrys speech at the Virginia convention he uses many different techniques like asking the colonists questions, comparing things, and using alluding to past events in hope to persuade the colonists to stand up and fight for their rights against Britain.
Many people are often deceived by the words of others. By using an allusion Henry hopes to help the colonists get a better understanding of his want for fighting Britain. By saying “suffer not yourselves to be betrayed with a kiss.” Henry is alluding to Jesus being betrayed by the Judah’s to the colonists being betrayed by Britain. The Judah’s pretend the kiss is an act of kindness just like the colonists believe the Britain’s smiling as they receive the petition is an act of kindness. He is simply saying that if Britain wants the colonists under their control why would they be happy about them trying to get independence. Henry wants us to realize that Britain has no good intentions; he wants us to feel betrayed and fight.
Henry uses metaphors comparing Americans to slaves to persuade the colonists to break away from Britain. Henry says “we have done everything that could be done to avert the storm which is now coming on.” Henry is comparing the oncoming war with Britain to an inventible storm. By using this metaphor he tries to get them to see the future and that something has to happen so they might as well be ready to stand up and fight for their freedom.
Henry uses a series of rhetorical questions in hope to shed light on