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Patrick Mullen
Professor Stafford
05 May 2015
Letter to My Future Writing Teacher
My writing has changed a lot over the years. From creating simple sentences in grade school to 10 page essays in college, writing is a key element of school. My writing process is one that many people have. I start out by constructing a web with all of the possible things that I can write in my essay. No idea is too stupid and some of the best essays that have done have been from strange ideas that seemed impossible to write about at the time. Once I have my idea decided on, I find out all the info that I need and have it prepared. Then once I start typing, the essay comes together. After I am done with an essay, I usually have someone else look over to make sure it is polished. I may do this with two or three people, because every person has a different opinion when it comes to writing. One of my strengths as a writer is coming up with ideas. This is a great talent to have as a writer so I never have to think too long. One of my things I need to work on is summarizing everything up in the conclusion. I think that open opinion essays are simple for me because I am very good at taking a side on something and showing support for it. On the other hand, essays involving research are a bit harder for me, especially if they are not an exciting topic. In the future, I think I can improve my word choice and learn how to make my paragraphs flow better. I feel like this has improved as