Patrick Stewart's Macbeth Vs Scotland PA Movie

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I believe both versions, were good. They uniquely showed their interpretation of setting, character development and sequence of events from the original play. I did find one version a little hard to understand though.
The setting in the 2 movies were distinctly different from each other. The original play is dark, dreary and takes place in castles. The Patrick Stewart's movie took place in like an asylum, where's the scotland PA movie was in modern time in the united states. The asylum setting gave a more precise understanding of how dark and dreary the play actually is, as well by giving me a visual presentation of Macbeth. Now the modern language and setting version honestly confused me and gave a pretty different mood of the play. So both the movie settings were different from the original but they managed to still give the same type of creepy vibe of the story.
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Lady Macbeth managed to convince a not so sure Macbeth to kill Duncan, he started hallucinating and Duncan was interpreted as a nice person. Macbeth was shown as more powerful and strong in Patricks stewarts movie. The movie gave me a more clear view of each person's personality than the original play.
Patrick's version along with the Scotland PA films, overall, with the main plots were mostly the same with the play. Some events were different and some were just taken out completely. The scene of Macbeth when he was killed was interpreted way more clearly, more stronger, and gave a more powerful view in the first movie. The use of modern language in the PA movie and the funny at times vibe it gave, made it distinctly different from the play and the other movie, caused a different, maybe more understanding