Patrick's Death: A Short Story

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It’s been 41 years since Patrick tragically passed away. 40 years since Detective Jack Noonan and Mary Maloney got married. They fell in love talking that night, as if Patrick had never lived. Mary and Jack spend a lot of time talking about that night as a matter of fact. The (wo)man who had killed Patrick was never caught, meaning Mary was never caught. Mary’s son is a full grown adult now, plus the set of twins Mary had that share their genes with their father Jack.
Every year on their wedding anniversary, and less importantly the anniversary of Patrick’s death, they have lamb. It was served the night Patrick died, it was served at their wedding, and it is served every year after that. It is the only night a year they have lamb. In fact,
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“Honey, why do we eat lamb once a year. I don’t even like it. Neither do you.” Mary drops her fork on her plate, shocked at her husband’s moment of memory. He can’t remember what he ate for breakfast, let alone remembering what meal he ate every year on their anniversary. Mary had never told the truth about what happened that night. Not to Jack, not to her kids, not to anybody. She stopped visiting Patrick’s grave long before tonight. Nobody has mentioned Patrick in ten years. Maybe even twenty. Finally, after what felt like an hour of silence, Mary responds. “Honey, Jack, I have something to tell you. I know you may not remember the night Patrick died, bit that night, we shared a leg of lamb. The next year, on our wedding day, we had lamb again. It has become a tradition.” Jack thinks for a second, tries to remember, but …show more content…
However, deep down inside, the truth lingered inside of Mary. She had to tell him the truth. It has been too long.
“Jack, I killed him.” Mary stammers.
“Killed who?” Jack wonders.
“Patrick, my first husband. You worked with him for 10 years before he was murdered."
"Did I know him?" Jack questions.
"Yes. He was your friend, but that is besides the point. I killed a man, and I have regretted it since that day. Why aren't you mad? Why haven't you stormed out? What makes you want to keep talking to me as if you had missed the subject all along?" Mary is stunned.
"Oh. Him. That's right, but he was anything but my friend. I knew you killed him. I knew as soon as I walked through that door, but Patrick was a bad man. He had not treated the rest of the task force well, especially me. We all knew. You're secret was safe with us." Jack states.
Mary sobs. Jack gives her a hug and says,
"I will always love and remember you."
It was then that Mary realized that Jack wasn't as gone as she thought he was. He was just as spry as he was ten years ago. It's okay that sometimes he forgets to get groceries, or he can't remember what his kids name is. Mary still loves