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Lite Qin
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November 12, 2014
Patriotism is a spirit of people. A person who loves his country can do anything which is good for his country. In fact, every citizen should have the responsibility to show respect to the country in which they live. Patriotism is a strong power and it makes people act more faithful and more confidently. It is a quite positive word in this generation.
First of all, people should have a strong national pride and self-confidence, and the responsibility of maintaining the dignity and interests of the people and the motherland. Believing in the future of motherland is wonderful. Second, the rivers, mountains, people, history, and culture of the motherland, all the material and spirit, are the core of patriotism. Patriotism comes from people's own deep feeling that is the growth of the home, nation, and motherland. The main ideas are to promote the national material and cultural wealth growing, maintain the unity of all ethnic groups on the basis of equality, solidarity, and connection of the motherland, to resist foreign aggression and defend the motherland's sovereignty and independence and to fight with the evils and chaos of society to promote the prosperity and the prosperity of the motherland. Patriotism relies heavily on symbolic behavior, such as, the raising of the national flag, singing the national song which represents the country.
There is a story about a solider named Huang. In March 1951, Huang decided to join the Chinese People's Volunteer Army to fight against the United Nation forces in the Korean War.
After joining the war, Huang became a runner and was later awarded the Meritorious Service, Third Class for his bravery. At the Battle of Triangle Hill in October 1952, Huang's unit was tasked with destroying an enemy blockhouse. Huang hurled himself against a machine gun slit on the blockhouse after running out of ammunition, blocking enemy fire while sacrificing his life. As a result of his heroism, the Chinese forces overran the position while annihilating a significant amount of enemy. This is a pivotal example for patriotism that represents the main idea of doing the exactitude for the country.
The word patriotism is misunderstood. China and Japan had argument with an island called Diaoyu Island. China and Japan in a fierce debate about the Diaoyu Islands issue of