Patrol Templates Hunter Essay

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I arrived at the site in order to complete a routine patrol.

I drove a marked patrol vehicle through the parking lots inspecting the vehicles for any suspicious loitering or indications of auto theft. While in the area I ensured the lanes were free of obstructions and improperly parked vehicles. I walked randomly through the foot paths inspecting the units for any signs of burglary. While in the area I listened for any sounds of a dispute or noise disturbance. No security issues were discovered at the time of this patrol.
I entered the property and completed an inspection.

During my inspection I first checked the leasing office for any signs of forced entry. I then proceeded to check the vehicles, parking areas, and dumpster stalls for damage or trespassers. Finally, I scoured the walkways looking for any suspicious individuals, signs of residential burglary, and residents requesting assistance. No noise infractions or other security concerns were found at this time.
I completed my security inspection of the site.

While on site I did not find any trespassers or suspicious individuals. The office is secure with no broken windows. The units appear safe with no obvious security concerns noted. The vehicles on site look to be secure with no obvious damage or vandalism. There were no disruptive noises or disputes heard. All activity on site appeared normal during my patrol.
I scanned the leasing office’s doors and windows, no points of forced entry were found. I inspected the resident’s vehicles, no vandalism or loitering was observed. I patrolled the walkways, no trespassers or noise infractions were discovered. All areas of the property were briefly surveyed for maintenance issues in need of immediate attention.
The grounds…