Patron: Tongue and Friend Nola Essay

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It was another sunny day, at Dixon High. The students were all out in the quad for lunch, the smell of freshly mowed grass was filling the nostrils of every boy and girl as the grounds keeper drove his John Deer mower around. Under the awning closest to the office entrances a small group of teenagers stood in a circle, just outside of the awnings shade, but close enough to keep cover from the seagulls and crows that were flying around looking for their next meal.
“I think I stepped in gum.” Tommy stated, as he felt the familiar sticky pull from the ground to his converse sneaker.
“Well, maybe you should watch where you’re going next time, instead of texting that sophomore girlfriend of yours,” came the sharp response of Tommy’s friend Nola, who hated Tommy’s prissy girlfriend with a passion. Tommy gave his friend the finger, causing her to stick her tongue out at him.
“I thought I always told you to keep your tongue in your mouth unless you’re putting it to good use.” Sam teased Nola, as he made his way over to his friends. When he arrived he began picking food out of his teeth, causing the taste of bad cafeteria pizza to reappear on his taste buds.
“Ha! Like your one to talk, when’s the last time your tongue has ever been put to good use? Oh, that’s right, it never has been.” Nola quipped, laughing hysterically at her own joke.
“Oh, ha ha. You’re flipping hilarious.” Sam replied in a sarcastic tone.
“I was just kidding! Anyways, I know for a fact that on Friday night, you’ll be getting all the action you want.” Nola told Sam.
“Why’s that?” Sam asked, scared of another one of his friends blind dates. Those never went well. Brrrriiiiinnnnggg! The bell rang ending lunch.
“I’ll explain later, but now I can’t be late again, or I’ll get Saturday school.” Nola responded, walking away towards her fifth period class, into the mess of screaming teenage students. It was Friday night and Sam was up in his attic bedroom. His old Victorian style home may look big from the outside compared to the surrounding country homes, but in reality it was only a two bedroom. When his sister was born his parents turned the attic into his room and his old room became the nursery. Sam didn’t mind; he enjoys the privacy.
Sam was standing in front of his full body mirror. The mirror was handcrafted by his grandfather from an old walnut tree that grew in his orchard. Sam didn’t really need a full body mirror, but it was all he had left to remember his grandfather by. Sam stood looking at himself in the mirror. He’s not a bad looking kid; he thought to himself, about 5’10’’ with a lean yet toned body from all the soccer drills and swimming he does. He started to apply some Axe gel to his shaggy hair; giving it the just got out of the shower look. Sam was singing along with the loud screaming music that was playing on his stereo, as he wiped the sticky, pasty gel from his hands onto a rag in his room. He then sprayed himself with some strong yet subtle cologne. As Sam took a final look at himself in the mirror he put a piece of mint gum in his mouth; Sam loved the tingly feeling mint gum gave his tongue. Sam then turned off his stereo; grabbed his keys and left to go meet Nola.
Nola was waiting for Sam to pick her up; checking her phone every couple minutes to see what time it is. Sam was never late, so Nola was worried he would be chickening out. All of the sudden she heard a car with a loud sub-woofer coming close. It was Sam. He knows nothing about cars, but always has the best speakers for his cars. Sam pulled up in his little Ford Fiesta and turned his car off. Nola could tell he was going to chicken out and decided she was going to have to play dirty in order to convince him to go with her to the party.
“Nola, I don’t think this is such a great idea. Maybe we should jus…” Sam began to say, but Nola caught him off guard as she started to kiss him. Sam didn’t know what to do; here was the girl he’s wanted since the seventh grade kissing