Paul's Case Essay

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What is Paul’s Medical Situation?
Paul throughout the story appears to be a tormented and intermittent character that is not able to find a balance in his life. One of the teachers, in the beginning of the story, immediately triggers a trail of thought in the reader’s mind about the boy’s behavior by saying: “There is something wrong about the fellow.” But what is wrong about him? Analyzing the boy’s behavior throughout the story I was able to create a psychological theory that explains his actions. To enter in the boy’s mind it is key to understand Paul’s painful past. Paul was born few months before his mom died of a long illness, leaving a big gap in Paul’s family and in him. The main trait that indicates his mental problem is Paul’s strong desire and obsession for money and wealth. Nowadays psychologists have found that money is becoming an enormous self-harmer to an individual and may lead to suicide. Psychologists highlight that insecure and low self-esteem people, like Paul, are hugely impacted by this event. Physiologists believe that this people in order to compensate for their insecurities need to gather material goods, especially money. Paul, in fact, desires to become rich, because he believes it to be the only way to make sense to his life. Although, he keeps going nowhere and never achieving his goal, which leads to an accumulation of delusion, stress and sadness. All these three feelings combine into making Paul chronically depressed and his situation worsens as no one takes care of him. Depression is mental problem, which leads