Paul Bardsley Research Paper

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Being on the brink of poverty, alone, at 15 years of age Paul Bardsley sat as a high school drop out in a small apartment.
Writes Tye Bardsley
Paul Bardsley now a loving husband and a father of 2 had a rough upbringing. When his parents got divorced when he was 12, Paul veered away from the happiness of growing up. “The divorce of my parents was a turning point in my life.”
After the divorce, Paul was in search of another path, he had a girlfriend at the time who related him with the punk rocker lifestyle (a youth rebellion which took place in the mid-late 70s – early 90s) and he started to hang out with friends who were much older than him.
At the age of 15 Paul Bardsley moved out of home and found a small apartment in downtown Ottawa. “I
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Through Paul’s job washing dishes he rose the ranks in the kitchen. Paul was mentored by a man called Peter Veets and learned how to cook at a high level at a young age, “I always loved food, the smell, the taste. So I loved make it and experiment with certain aspects. Cooking was my life.” Paul climbed the ranks in the kitchen as he jumped from job to job and after years of hard work Paul eventually found himself as a sous chef working for a high star restaurant in Ottawa called Noah’s when he was 20 years old.
However, through all of the hard times Paul faced, he does not regret going down the path he did. “I believe that this upbringing has had an extremely positive impact on my life. Starting off my life with nothing makes me appreciate what I have a lot more. The lessons definitely came forward in my life.” Paul used the work ethic he acquired from his days on the streets to go back to school, get a good education and further himself in the culinary profession.
However, when Paul was 23 he had higher aspirations. He used the work ethic he obtained from his kitchen jobs to return to college and follow a career in software