Paul Levy Essay

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Paul Levy’s strong transformational leadership style facilitated Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) from ailing to thriving. The organization faced many dire issues including financial crisis, poor quality of patient care, and low staff morale. This grim outlook required a strong transformational leader. Levy displayed all the characteristics of a powerful and effective leader by embracing intellectual stimulation, individual consideration, and charisma which enabled him to lead them through the crisis.

Levy was able to inspire the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center staff by clearly presenting the hospitals challenges and seeking out different viewpoints to solve them. He was able to intellectually stimulate the employees
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While doing all this, charismatic leaders are able to display great confidence in the organization’s ability to solve current and future challenges.

Levy displayed many traits of a charismatic leader throughout his time at the BIDMC. Levy first action upon arriving at the hospital was to send an email to every employee at BIDMC explaining the current predicament. Though the situation at BIDMC was dire, Levy kept a positive tone to the email; he stated from the start that failure was not an option since privatization of the hospital would be detrimental to everyone. After 150 people were laid off, Levy sent out a “healing message” to the staff. He knew that people were hurting, but soon things would improve. Levy needed to show he understood their loss of friends and coworkers, but also provide an uplifting message that in the next couple days a recovery plan would be released and things would begin to look up. Levy’s outlook, coupled with a win by the Patriots, instilled the belief that “if the Patriots can do it, we can too.” When dealing with a “whiny” email form a hospital director, Levy demonstrated his confidence by carbon copying his response to the entire department. The Cc’d email also served to call out this director’s bad behavior in real time, inspiring him to live up to the organization’s values.

Levy was guided by values that focused on doing what’s right for the organization, as he lead BIDMC back on the road