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Barrett Moran
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24 February 2014
Paul McCartney
Dead or Alive
“He blew his mind out in a car/ He didn’t notice that the lights had changed/ A crowd of people stood and stared/ They’d seen his face before/ Nobody was really sure if he was from the
House of Lords (Shermer).

Although many people may not realize it these lyrics and many more are pertaining to the sudden, tragic, and hidden death of the beloved Paul McCartney.
Some people may argue he is alive and well but some also believe he passed away in 1966.
Many see the great amount of clues on the album covers, the change in his demeanor in pictures, change in voice or hear many clues in the lyrics and keep digging until finding the truth. Some people believe Paul McCartney is still alive; however, there is significant evidence explaining his death in
and how he was replaced by a lookalike contest winner, William Campbell, in order for the Beatles to maintain their fame and record fortune.
may think they watched Paul McCartney perform at the Super Bowl or even t he
2015 Grammy’s
there is evidence stating otherwise. Although no one can know if it is the Paul
McCartney or an imposter many see today. The vast amount of evidence leading towards his death is no coincidence.
Very few people know that “...
Paul McCartney died in a car crash in
November 1966 (Spitz).
” Record Company’s and The Beatles themselves claim he is still the real Paul McCartney and who would not believe him, he looks, acts, and sings like Paul

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McCartney. After looking closer and digging into the facts many will realize the Paul McCartney performing today is an impersonator. The Paul that many hear about today, is William Campbell, a man who won a Paul McCartney lookalike contest a few years before Paul’s death (Spitz 352).
With some voice training, some plastic surgery, and planning this imposter could fake anyone. When people look at pictures of
William Campbell from 1966 to 1967 they can tell there are many differences. Still now someone could argue that these are just the natural signs of him ageing. But also, the details of his change of height, the change in face structure, even the natural pigments of his skin . The tremendous amount of evidence showing how much he changes even in a short period of time in no coincidence. First, “... he grows three inches and changes eye color and shape, his face is sharper and less round, and his hair changed color and flow” characteristics like these don’t just change (Foster). Looking at pictures of him growing up many can tell that his physical appearances do not change much throughout his adult like and then suddenly change drastically . The Beatles once had an interview talking about how famous they had become compared the other famous bands before them
. If they had thought they were really this famous why would they try and stage a fake death and chance ruining their careers, and would the guilt of lying to their fans not kill them? Well it did, the band started releasing numerous hidden hints in some their music, album covers and, pictures. For example, ”If one were to listen to the song ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’ at forty­five rpm instead of thirty
three they would hear John say: ‘I buried Paul.’ Also if they were to play ‘Revolution Number
Nine’ backwards they would hear ‘turn me on dead man’ numerous times (
.” After the vast Moran 3

amount of physical evidence in Paul’s pictures and the spine­chilling lyrics in the band

s music many fans still are unsure of Paul’s death.
There are numerous clues on the bands album covers that have sparked a large amount of theories. One could say they had other reasons for this certain cover for example, people believe
"the 's' on the end