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Paul of tarsus-

Paul of tarsus who was formally know as Saul, was born in southern turkey, to a Jewish family who could trace their roots back to one of the 12 tribes of Israel. A roman citizen, he famously converted to Christianity, changed his name to Paul, and became the leader of a far reaching mission around the eastern Mediterranean where he established and strengthened many churches

Paul of tarsus had a major impact on Christianity for Paul alone wrote a large proportion of the New Testament, without him it would be significantly different in text and writing.

Paul wrote many letters, these include Galatians, first and second Corinthian’s, Thessalonians and Philippians. Paul’s letters laid the foundations for much of Christianity’s subsequent Christian theology.

Paul went on many missionary journeys which changed the nature of the emerging religion by freeing it from its geographical/Jewish roots, transforming it into a movement with the power to challenge the world

Pauls work in Antioch may have been the base for his first missionary journeys and the church he helped established there became the main base for his gentile (non-Jewish) mission.
The Antioch church is significant as it demonstrated to early church leaders that gentiles could be converted.

First journey
Paul, and barnabas started their missionary Journey from Syrian Antioch in the year of 47 AD. They went to harbour town of Seleucia and sailed first to Salamis in Cyprus from where Barnabas was originated. They arrived to Salamis .one of the