Paul Simon: A Eulogy To My Best Friend

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A Eulogy, to my Best friend, Paul.

My best friend, Paul Simon, was a great man. He was dearly loved by his friends, and will forever be missed. Although he came from difficult beginnings, Paul worked his way through university and had a long, successful career as a writer. His poem I Am a Rock is dearly loved by all and is even used as study material in high schools today.

He was born to Alexia and Saul Simon on a small island in beautiful British Columbia. It was a frigid, stormy December night in 1936 when Paul arrived in this world. This is where the tragedy, that is Paul’s life began. Alexia, Paul’s mother passed away in childbirth, due to complications. She never got the opportunity to know, and love Paul. This sudden passing hit Paul’s
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Many universities begged him to take his schooling under them. Luckily for me, Paul had chose University of Victoria to be his final location. Paul was like no other classmate of mine. The poetry and writing he produced always amazed the professors as well as his fellow classmates. Then he finally penned I Am a Rock. I remember watching my prof ball in front of the class because the poem was so dark. The lack of love Paul had endured as a child was very prominent in the poem. The imagery also showed the isolation he had felt growing up off the coast of Vancouver, always seeing the busyness but never being part of it.

After that day in class Paul and I got very close. We did many collaborated stories, and spent a lot of late nights pouring our hearts out. He had always told me, “friendship, dear boy, is the cause of pain!” So it took Paul a long time to finally call me his friend. This is how we aged. I taught Paul what love was, and he taught me how to write. We worked like this until Paul hit the sweet age of 65 and finally decided it was time for him to live. After a life of living on an island, he finally decided to set sail, rebel against his identity, and experience the joys in