Paul's Case: The Negative Relationship Between Parents And Children

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Many of the negative social behaviors that occur with children and teens stem from a negative home life, primarily a negative parent- child relationship. Studies show that children who have more involvement from their parents tend to have less of a chance of showing signs of risky behavior. With that said, it is obvious that children from a more stable home environment with their parents have better behavior outside of the house because the active involvement promotes the better behavior. The biggest flaw with most parent- child relationships is that parents and children do not know how to recognize the flaws and warning signs of a parent- child relationship gone wrong. Because of this, the bad behavior escalates and can become deadly for the …show more content…
In “Paul’s Case” there is a distinct issue with the parent- child relationship present, and this story represents the exact definition of an Avoidant Relationship. The biggest example supporting this conclusion is when Paul comes home late from the theater, he would rather sleep in the basement than face his own father upstairs. Paul distinctly thinks, “Suppose his father had heard him getting in at the window and had come down and shot him for a burglar?”(Cather), which is the biggest sign that this relationship has a problem. However, in “Welding with Children” a different type of negative relationship is present. This type of relationship is an unsure type of relationship, and the child is insecurely attached to the parent figure. The child realizes that some needs can be met, they must be independent at the same time. There is a distinct issue with the way the grandfather is treated by the grandchildren in the story. The grandchildren resort to screaming at their grandfather in order to get across to him that they want something, and they also burned their grandfather at one point. The most apparent sign in this story