Paul's Life: A Case Study

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Imagine doctors appointments, infusions, transfusions, surgeries, and other procedures, Paul’s life had been put on hold. Paul had been hit by a car when he was 13, he was not expected to live from this traumatic incident. Due to not wearing his helmet, Paul suffered from a severe traumatic brain injury and was in a coma for two months. When he awoke, he was unable to walk or talk. Paul recovered from all of this by a sort of miracle that has yet to be uncovered, his cognitive abilities were restored, his voice, and also his ability to walk. Around this time Paul was also going through recovery for a bone marrow transplant for his leukemia. While being secluded in the hospital, he began to teach himself to play the guitar. For three whole months he was alone with nothing but the occasional family member and, of course, his guitar. By playing the …show more content…
Music has also been tested to bring back vision. In 60% of people who experienced a stroke, visual areas of the brain are majorly impacted. This may lead to visual neglect: this is when the patient loses awareness of objects on the opposite side to where the brain has been damaged. Other studies have uncovered that when these patients listened to their favorite types of music some of their visual abilities had been restored; therefore, music can be a very helpful tool in rehab for stroke patients (Effects). Lastly, music can potentially be able to assist with traumatic brain injuries. A study showed that participants who had experienced a TBI listened to number one songs from their separate generations to see what memories were evoked. Listening to the music worked and brought back certain memories to the patients. The memories brought back mostly consisted of people or a period of their lifetimes (Music). These memories were very similar to the ones evoked by the control patients of the same study, who did not have a