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Running head: Pause and Reflect

Pause and Reflect Chapter 4

Carl Randle
Ronnie Reese
Shanisha Patrick

Belhaven University: Principles of Management

June 16, 2014

There were many moments in my military career when I needed that extra push to understand my calling and the mission. Example was when I was a Sergeant stationed in North Korea, we had little mentorship just a get it done mentality. Along came a supervisor with school training and mentorship skills that gave us the motivation to do anything and accomplish the mission with satisfaction of a job well done. I was studying for a promotion and they would have weekend study session put together that I never took part in, my intentions was to wing it and hopefully be pushed to the front of the line for promotion. This method didn’t work, I felled horribly but the mentor in my supervisor saw the potential in me and chastised me brutally. I learned right then that someone cared about my progression more than I have in the past. I was baptized in the fire in 2002 when I came off a long overdue vacation thinking I was going to jump right back into the swing of things. I was to report to the great and legendary 82nd Airborne Division, Fort Bragg, N.C. I learned the first day of in processing that I was way over my head and well over weight. A weeklong of exercising body parts I didn’t know existed and be picked for duties and responsibilities based off my rank and not my experience. First day on the job I was put in charge of a .50 Caliber Range with a brand new lieutenant who wanted to show she had the stuff. Pulling all my resources and soldiers together for this mission. It was the last day of the week and we wanted everything done for that