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Social media and internet marketing MGMT 6543
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Sagar pawaskar

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The marketing environment surrounds and impacts upon the organization. The marketing concept which I learned in my pervious marketing class and is important for digital marketing is external environment. Why are they important? Marketers build external - relationships. Marketers aim to deliver value to satisfied customers, so we need to assess and evaluate our external environment.
The external environment of marketing
The external environment of marketing is comprises of those uncontrollable forces outside of our organization.
The important forces in the external environment are:
(1) Competition: competition refers to the numbers of similar competitive product brands’ marketers in your industry, their size and market capitalizations. We as a marketer might not have direct influence on them, but it’s important that we monitor the activities, and then design effective strategies using your controllable variables. (2) Social and cultural forces: the social and cultural forces refers to the structure and dynamics of individuals and groups and their behaviors, believes, thought patterns and lifestyles, friendship etc. Many of this trends goes a long way to affect our marketing operations.
(3) Demographic factors: demography refers to study of people, such as their age, sex, marital status, occupation, family size etc. Though, demography is uncontrollable because we cannot control the sex, age, marital status in our external environment, but accurate forecast of it goes a long way to enabling us as a marketer forecasting future trend and consumptions of your product.
(4) Technological changes: technology post much challenges to marketers, it affects the kind of product that we as a marketer can offer, For instance, technology have changed products like typewriting machines into a more proficient computer systems. You cannot stop the advancement of technology, but can learn to adapt to it changes.
Application in digital marketing Competitive analysis can be used in digital marketing as to know types of competitors (primary and secondary). Website performance (website quality and design). Internet marketing performance (keywords in search engines and link quality). Social media presence (social media channels and blogs). Social, cultural and demographic analysis can be used to know: How customers research and select our products. Research gathering insight on how users search and use social media will help us understand how we can gain visibility on search engines and with relevant influencers. Potential online audience – What are their profile, characteristics, behaviors, needs and wants of audiences from digital media platforms. Customers – A similar analysis to potential audience, but also gaining feedback on their views of our current online presence. Technological analysis can be used to stay at the cutting edge of social media and new marketing techniques to ensure we can reach and openly communicate with our stakeholders. Using technologies that are best of breed, providing longevity, scalability and are future proof with advances in technology.

Differences between traditional and digital marketing Traditional marketing includes all the advertising methods like print ads, TV commercials, brochures and billboards; digital marketing means promoting a brand/company via the Internet, thus it refers to social networking presence, online advertising (Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, Youtube videos, etc.), blogs and websites.
With traditional marketing companies directly target and find customers, while through online marketing their objective is to have people find them.
The success of a digital marketing campaign highly depends on the potential customers having access to the Internet and being familiar with the channels used to