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Introduction Ever since the end of WW2 our presidents have has changed views on liberal International order(LIO). Now in modern time the question has now come about, which is have we reached the end of the Pax American. This question has been debated for years, however we still haven’t come to a resolution. The reason why is because the debates have always been academic because of how slow that world power changes. “We are seeing a similar phenomenon today in America, where the topic of decline stirs discomfort in national leaders. In September 2010, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton proclaimed a "new American Moment" that would "lay the foundations for lasting American leadership for decades to come.” (Layne, 2012).

Before Pax Americana
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the word Pax originated from the roman goddess of peace. A country usually experiences a Pax after a hard-fought battle or war. The first Pax was experienced by the Roman Empire and it was called Pax Romana. This Pax lasted for two long centuries but under different rulers. Augustus was the ruler when the Pax started back in 27 BC. The Pax ended with ruler Marcus Aurelius who died in 180 AD. As opposed to setting up peace, Pax Romana introduced in a moderately stable request, securing social trade and business over the Mediterranean and the Black Ocean, covering a territory extending from England southward to North Africa and westbound to the Middle East. The Pax Mongolica, regularly referred to as between around 1270 and 1360, alludes to the steadiness fashioned by the Mongol victories. Like Pax Romana, it cleared the route for business, social and logical trade. The Mongols utilized animal. As opposed to Pax Romana,Pax Mongolica was not authorized by a strong , political element, but rather isolate political elements. Consequently, it was not a prototypical domain since no single center, but instead different centers, …show more content…
The principal reference to Pax Americana portrayed the peace inside the U.S. toward the finish of the Civil War in 1865. From the time around the 1898 Spanish American War until WWII, Pax Americana alluded to the advancement of security and vote based system in the Americas, accomplished by supplanting European obstruction with U.S. intercessions. This noteworthy Pax was a consistent expansion of the 1823 Monroe Doctrine, which tried to shield the American half of the globe from European practices, for example, gathering obligation through military activity, "gunboat strategy," and frontier organization as in Emperor Maximillian's reign over Mexico before his execution in 1867 . In the post-WWII period particularly since 1949, when the Soviet Union procured atomic weapons, the People's Republic of China was broadcasted by Mao Zedong and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) was made Pax Americana has alluded to a universal request in which the U.S. gives relative security and soundness, enabling states to communicate calmly for more prominent success. The total pulverization of economies what's more, foundation caused by WWII debilitated every single awesome power aside from the U.S., which was geologically separated from Europe and entered the war late, developing as the world's most powerful financial control. The part that started for the U.S. when it interceded to end WWI was along these lines