Research With Practical Classroom Strategies

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|Make it a Habit To Connect Recent Brain | |
|Research with Practical Classroom Strategies | |
|Over 50% of all Teachers Make These 2 Mistakes. | |
|Do You Make Them? | |
|TO: Jo Ann | |
|FR: Eric Jensen | |
|This month, we could focus on all the "holiday" stuff (like how to help you "navigate the holidays without adding inches to | |
|your figure"), but it's the school year and we turn to how to affect one of the "Big Four." | |
|The first mistake (over 50% of all teachers make) is selling yourself short. You have far more influence than you think. The | |
|"Big Four" in teaching are: effort, behavior, cognitive capacity and attitude. When you strengthen these four, your students | |
|improve dramatically. The good news is that every one of these is teachable. | |
|This month, we'll illuminate just one way you can influence a student's attitude. The second mistake (over 50% of all teachers | |
|make) is to talk about a student's "attitude" as if it was a fixed entity. Attitude is NOT fixed. In fact, new research shows | |
|how much teachers can influence a student's attitude. For example... |