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What does the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC), Big Ten, Mount West (MWC) Big 12, C-USA, Mid-American Conference (MAC), Southeastern Conference (SEC), Sunbelt, and the Pacific-12 Conference (PAC-12) have in common with one another? These are all major college athletic conferences in the United States. What else does these colleges have in common they make millions of dollars and each year off of students athletes and don’t give one red nickel to these kids. In this research paper I will be so that this is unfair and should give each one of these kids some of that revenue so that they can have some money to spend. I will also show that kids should stand up and say to these major colleges I will pay to play for you. In todays world its hard to make money and especially for college athletes because there is so many restrictions put on them and they have no way of making money but by the talent that the have been working on and trying to make it to the next level which is professional level. Now there is the biggest debate about should these athletes get pay to play and at the heart of this debate is the Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany that has been very outspoken about this topic. Mr. Delany says in Sports Illustrated article “if players don't like what college athletic departments offer, they can hire an agent and work with a trainer to prepare for the pros.” (Rosenberg, 2013) Then he went on to say, "Why is it our job to be minor leagues for professional sports?" (Rosenberg, 2013). I beg to ask the question why does the college hire trainers and have recruiting coaches to get these college kids right out of high school to come to there college. I take that statement as colleges are minor league already and preparing college athletes as pros with all the time and effort they are putting in. Lets examine this real quick. Pros and Minors practice everyday with there coach or trainers and so does these college athletes. Pros and Minors perform interviews with media and so does these college athletes. In general what is the difference between the getting a little money for them to a cheese burger or to do there laundry. I feel that that this is unfair and unfit that these colleges can make millions off the athletes. The other reason I am for pay to play for college athletes is that most college scholarships might cover most but not all things these athletes may need. The article Debate Over Antiquated NCAA Goes Way Beyond Pay For Play stated “The issue is that the NCAA operates as a cartel. Schools collude to prevent players from seeking compensation anywhere. The NCAA prevents players from getting paid by third parties. There is ample evidence that athletic scholarships do not cover the full cost of attending a university.” (Rosenberg, 2013). As I just quoted in the text before if college athletes don’t make enough of there scholarships then why cant they make money off of there good given talent. I’m not saying give them six figure contract but maybe $2,000 a year to use any way fit. The amount wouldn’t even make a dent into the tens of millions of dollars that the school makes each year. The school is already marketing them off of some of these college athletes. Lets look into the reason why colleges don’t pay for misalliances things like transportation and entertainment for these colleges athletes. While reading the article Examining Pay-For-Play Proposals a couple of things caught my eye. The first one was "We only provide room, board, fees and tuition," Delany told reporters at the Big Ten's spring meetings in Chicago in May. "Why? Because we have a lot of people on scholarship." (Schlabach, 2011). If that’s the case then maybe colleges should stop giving as many scholarships so that they could help with the cost to these athletes. I feel that they shouldn’t play the role every one should get a trophy for playing kind of concept, because only the best of the best gets to go on and get draft to play a