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College student athletes are some the hardest working people around. That includes brutal practice, intense games and difficult courses. Athletes carry a huge burden on their shoulder. Well doing all the work will people make millions of them. Compensation for college athletes have been very controversial subject in the spotlight for a couple of years now. However no middle ground as been found, but I believe college athletes should be paid for their performance because their sport is their job. sell replica Adidas UCLA football jerseys for about $65. Well players receive how much of a cut from it? Nothing. Well game day ticket prices keep raising, a seat at a UCLA game will cost you roughly $1,210 per seat to sit at the 50 yard line for UCLA upcoming game against Arizona State on November 23 according to stubhub. Well according to UCLA football team through the 2012-2013 under Jim More made roughly $35.6 million in revenue in a year alone. But a big time football school like the University of Alabama makes roughly around $81,993,762 in revenue per year. The Pacific-12 school the conference that UCLA is currently in just signed a 12-year terms of agreement with ESPN and Fox in 2012 which generates more than $30 million a school per year over the next 12 years according to The athletes are the ones putting countless hours of practice and training all year around. There the ones who have to try and balance a demanding minimum 12 unit’s school schedule. They do receive scholarships if they are lucky but many of them are not that as lucky and have to pay for their own school and maybe receive a scholarship in 2-4 years if they are still on the team (about two percent of high school athletes are awarded athletic scholarship to compete in college), well-being prohibited to have a side job during the season to earn a little bit of spending money. Which makes some student athletes do some very stupid things…