Paying College Athletes Essay

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Javari Parker Jr.
CP English
February 4, 2013 Do you ever wonder if paying college athletes would benefit not just the athletes but, also the fans of the team? Absolutely it would by keeping everyone’s favorite players in school for all four year of their eligibility. That would also increase the fan support and competitiveness of each program while gaining and keeping fans. Paying the colleges athletes would obviously help out the young adults too by helping them buy necessities the scholarship cannot always cover, and help the students get by their first couple of years of living on their own. How is this possible you may ask? It would be possible because not every sport in the school has to pay their athletes, such as football can pay their athletes quite a bit of money while maintaining their program as bowling may not be able to make enough money to keep their program alive and also pay their athletes. Not every player has to be paid either. For say the “bad” players on the team do not need to be paid as much as the “good” players, or even paid at all. Paying college athletes should happen in all and every rank of college sports. From small division three to the big division one schools, athletes need to be paid because they cannot get by on just a scholarship.
The scholarships universities offer their athletes are great but, they don’t cover everything the athletes need. The athletes need to be able to buy gas for their car for example. Their practices take up