Essay about Paying College Athletes

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Paying College Athletes The schedule of a college athlete is rough, but it is what they have always dreamed of doing. It is going to practice, then going to class, then back to practice. That doesn’t include all the sports events that they have to travel to. Most of the time they travel to different states, some across the country, to play a game. For most of college athletes it’s for the love of the game. College athletes receive many benefits from their university such as scholarship money, meals, transportation, and sponsorships. This can all add up to be very close, if not, free education. Therefore, a college athlete should not be paid to play a sport that is not considered professional. College athletes are premier athletes that have worked so hard to get to where they are now. I personally say we should not pay them, but here are some opinions on the side of why we should pay them and my counter to it. People say and argue that a college athlete should be paid for their performance. My say is that they pretty much already get paid for their performance by the scholarship they received; there are other students that would do anything for a full scholarship through college. Also people argue that what’s to stop an athlete from just receiving money from local places for a little extra money. Well it clearly states in the rules of the NCAA that they cannot receive any benefits for their play on the field. For example, if they accepted a deal of any kind they would end up getting suspended and then also have to give the money back. It may not seem fair, but it is what is in the rules and every college athlete must know them. An example of an incident is some of the Ohio state football players were selling some of their clothes and items to receive money. And they ended up getting suspended for this, and all they were trying to do was make some extra money. A lot of these athletes don’t have time to get a job with the demand from school and the sport they play. That is a problem because many athletes don’t have a lot of money so they end up having financial problems in college for just basic items like school. It is a good argument but there is a fine line between a college athlete and a professional athlete, and how for pros it is their job. College athletes are some of the best at the sport they play, but they also have to be a student. They take their studies very serious, and are typically very good students. Mostly because of the reason that they need to keep good grades in order to be eligible to play. Athletes in college pretty much