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i. Introduction

The purpose of this research report is to give a proper solution to the Eastern Leagues Club about the major staffing problem, especially in labour turnover which is very high in certain parts of the works. This should be a form of advice which is giving to the CEO, based on given facts in scenario with general principles of industrial relation. By combining these facts and principles, this paper can give effective solutions the CEO.

ii. Brief Scenario

Eastern League Club is an uptrend sports club in New South Wales. Their revenue and member ship is increasing and consequently, they can contribute to associated rugby league club and local community groups with their surplus However there are some minor facts that CEO concern about. The data of the labour turnover Eastern League Club indicates that the labour turnover increased by 45% over during last one year. This labour turnover is extremely high amongst the bar staff. The rate of the food and kitchen are is moderate but, On the other hand, the turnover rate of administration is very low compare with bar staffs. Also the number of union member and has increased and many workers who are in charge of delegates and union officials come to her office more frequently than before.

iii. Major Problem

Eastern League Club definitely has a high rates of labour turnover in bar staff. Even though there is a problem with bar staffs but, this is not clear to give an ideal one solution. Because the bar area itself is too broad and vague to determine what is the problem is. Also the food/kitchen area is related with bar staff area because of its features, so it is not clear to define whether the turnover problem in bar area is related with food/kitchen or not. However the turnover rate of the food and kitchen is modest. This means that turnover ratio between two groups are significantly different, but the food/kitchen area and bar area has similar features of food. It means that actually the problem of the turnover rate in Eastern League Club is limited in bar staffs. As a result, the proper solution for this problem is give an ideal opinion for the bar staff to reduce the turnover rate. Another drawback of the Eastern League Club is the number of unions visiting to the CEO’s office has increased. Bray says that the main purpose of a trade union is to manage the welfare of the employee. Especially union provide an essential way for employees to make more interests in the regulation of the employment relationship. (Bray et al. 2011) Employees who are not satisfied with their working condition can request for unions to fix the working conditions. Overall, the number of visiting CEO’s office is related to the employees’ dissatisfaction about their jobs and union is representing them by expressing their opinion. If the case of labour turnover in bar area solve, number of knocking CEO’s door by delegate and union officials will reduce.

iv. Analyze the Problem and Solutions. 1. Promotional opportunity. From this point, this report will focus on the labour turnover of Eastern League Club. First of all bar staffs should know that turnover from their job can affect negative way to the co-worker. Iverson points out that many employee tends to turnover for granted, when they work as a workgroup. Especially in hospitality industry, he also argues that many employees think that there is a limitation of chance to develop their career.(Iverson & Deery, 1997) So it is natural that if the workers are not satisfied with their work, they are going to find other jobs. However the problem is company cannot afford to train new workers, when the employee leave their place. So it is important to hold the current employees to work longer. Following graph is the top 5 reasons given by employee who quit their job conducted by Dr. Jevon Powell. (2011)

This graphs shows that 30% of the employee quit their job because of the lack of opportunities for