PC Troubleshooting utilitiesWhile working on computers Essay

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PC Troubleshooting utilities
While working on computers every day we often come upon with several problems of various kind those are beyond our broad understanding. How to curb those problem by properly diagnosing is key thing to keep the system up and running. Microsoft Windows is most friendly Operating System running onto many computers and reason why gives more irritating problems those need special attention to solve. Every Windows built-in with various troubleshooting utilities those can be helpful to narrow down causes of certain problems and ultimately solving it in efficient manner.
If we sum up all the problems it would be very difficult to locate, but mostly as we witness Windows radically behave while using most common services like internet, data replication, audio/video or running third-party applications. Foremost thing in any situation is one should know what has to be done for successfully eradicating arisen problem. Before troubleshooting any event understanding about type and intensity of problem that we face is very important. If we focus at right direction and area, choosing right utility finally help solving certain problem in short span of time and in efficient manner. Although Windows equipped with all sort of tools but still there are plenty of third-party utilities available those can be used effectively to resolve issues in due course.
Every problem has a remedy, nothing can be stand still on same position all we have to do is review it, apply right method and solve it. Computers are more liable these days with more advancement, more it’s being used more it will be affected. There are generous amount of tools and utilities which are very essential and help narrow down the cause and at last removal of bad patch within PC. If we focus on Operating System any one can operate for either third-party tools or built-in ones to solve most common and often complex problems. Though it’s hard to limit types of problem but following are most common glitches and their respective PC utilities exists within Operating System:
Unable to Boot PC
There often come a time when you try to boot your PC but it won’t get into the operation system main area called Desktop or even on login screen. It is very annoying and frustrating that leads to fresh installation in most cases by novices. But before taking big step like this better try some techniques those generally helps reinstate the PC into normal condition. There is a mechanism called Windows Safe Mode that actually help to locate the actual problem so that PC can be boot into Windows to further tuning up the associated problem. Recycle power of PC and hit F8 key several times to appear the Safe mode menu, then by using keyboard arrows keys hit enter onto Safe Mode. At the time of booting into safe mode any individual has an option to delete junk or problematic application those interfering normal PC boot process. In some cases PC also unable to boot into Safe Mode, in this situation try Windows repair option by pressing the same F8 key where right section would allow to do the tweaking. A freelance tech geek Tim Fisher argues that “in many cases hardware shares major chunk of abnormal booting of a PC”.
Death Window
This is most annoying problem in the Windows also called Blue Screen error where suddenly a blue screen with scrambled text appears and ended up restarting the PC. Now it’s totally new to anyone if they encounter with such problem first time. First and foremost thing one should do if they able to boot again, uncheck the restart after blue screen option so that popped up error can be scrutinize afterwards on internet or elsewhere. Still the actual reason of Blue screen can’t be determined but in latest edition of Windows it’s mostly due to Drivers or Hardware compatibility. In case of driver problems better try Windows Control Panel to remove latest installed applications or drivers one by one. In case of hardware compatibility there can be either