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ns 1. Account for the need to complete a situational analysis prior to providing assistance in emergency. (4 marks)

Completing a situational analysis prior is essential when providing assistance to casualties in emergency situations. Doing this ensures that the safety and full rehabilitation of the casualty, as many precautions are taken when conducting a situational analysis which consists of several steps to ensure this. The first of which is to “Establish what has happened” which is basically assessing the situation at hand, the injury that is present alongside the dangers that are prevalent. The next is to “Prepare a plan of attack” this step involves taking in what you have assessed from the previous step and preparing a method of treatment that is best suited for the injury. Following this is putting your plan into action, if there are numerous casualties attend to the individual whom you have determined is in need of immediate attention first, And lastly to check for any resources available within the situation.

1. Outline the concerns a first aider should address first when responding to an emergency situation. (3 marks)

When responding to an emergency situation a first aider must first and foremost check the surrounding environment for any dangerous or potentially dangerous hazards that are present and if are present to remove said dangers to where it cannot harm both the first aider and the casualty. The second concern is the state of the casualties themselves; the first aider should assess the condition of the casualty by examining signs that give information as to what the problem may be. This can be done through communicating with the casualty, or by a visual assessment. Once the problem has been assessed the first aider should then proceed to call for help.

1. Justify the use of both a primary and secondary survey in an emergency situation. (6 marks)

Primary survey involves the management of life threatening conditions usually if the casualty is unresponsive, this can come in the form of specific treatment that differ from each other and is applied to injuries accordingly. A prime example of this is the DRABCD method, which sustains conditions of an unconscious casualty. Primary surveys are crucial to emergency situations, for one they keep the casualty alive and work towards keeping them in a stable condition, which is one of the primary goals in first aid. Primary surveys also from keeping the patient in a stable condition, allow for…