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The current debate regarding whether or not premarital sex is risky has been a major controversy in the following years according to the Australian Study of Health and
Relationships as every society, every culture and every person will perceive the statement in a different manner. Many would agree that premarital is risky because of the results of unexpected pregnancies and also the cause of conflicts due to cultural and religious differences. However, ultimately we must realise that there are also many reasons that would suggest the opposite, that premarital sex is in fact NOT risky, this is considering that contraceptive methods are available and that the people involved in the activity could be of legal age. According to a study published in 2012, between 2007­2012 the proportion of pregnancies that were unexpected increased from 79% to 83% amongst unmarried women aged 16­19 years. Unexpected pregnancies is a huge factor that is not only placing the pre­married mother at risk but also the baby. This is because majority of unexpected pregnancies are from teenagers who are most likely not in a marriage and are underaged and still in school. And as a teenage mother they must take full responsibility to care for the child, and in the process it may include making decisions such as dropping out of school and finding a job. Also, because the two parties were not married, the male may act upon the unexpected news of a child negatively and leave the female and baby which will make the situation more difficult. This overall proves that premarital sex is risky as the lifetime damage it could apply on a mother and child is not worth a few hours of pleasure. Every individual have their own different belief as to when a person should be able to have sexual intercourse whether it’d be before or after marriage. However it is proven in the 2014
Pew study on global morality that premarital sex was considered particularly unacceptable in
"predominantly Muslim nations". And also that fact that people who are Christians believe that premarital sex is considered a sin and as a result of going against this there would be many consequences faced. Some of which may include the disapproval of their parents which can lead to being disowned because of how ashamed the parents could feel towards their actions, which also shows how risky it is to have sexual intercourse before marriage. Despite this, there are also points that would argue that premarital sex is NOT risky. One of which is the use of contraception. Contraception is considered to be one of the most safest and effective measure to prevent sexual transmitted diseases, such as HIV and genital herpes, and reinforcing that premarital sex is not risky when using contraceptive methods. For instance in a Young Women’s Health Organisation survey out of 100 women only 1 or less women became pregnant whilst using copper intrauterine device (IUD), a small plastic device that is placed inside the uterus preventing the growth of eggs. Other types of contraceptive methods includes the use of condom, femidom, diaphragm and