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Media: TV
Message: Modern family shows us how we can accept diversity; the characters show tolerance in the others relationship choices, sexuality, race, and age. The show constantly has relatable problems to the viewer and shows us how to solve them. In the show all relationships are treated equal and respected by each other. Modern family brings us into the life of three different families in three different households, there is so much diversity in the couples and also the kids as they have children in all stages of life so that it’s easy for the viewer to relate with.

Media: Movie
Message: In the movie Crazy, Stupid Love the viewer is shows that getting a divorced can be damaging and selfish. The character who is divorced had many anonymous encounters with women and finds this unfulfilling. He realizes that a promise and stability in a relationship is far more fulfilling. The message in the movie is that to have a happy and fulfilling life commit to the one person forever ( if they are the right one) but don’t give in easy. Having numerous partners is emptier than having a single person where they love you and you love them

Media: TV The Simpsons
Message: In the television show The Simpsons, Homer one of the main characters constantly causes trouble for himself, his family, and the neighbourhood. His wife and family stay with him and work with him through the struggles he has caused. The Simpsons shows us that families have problems and demonstrates how to deal and work through them. With marriage comes loyalty to each other despite their flaws. Shows that we can work together in our families.

Media: TV
Message: In each episode of Duck Dynasty the members of the family have conflicts throughout the episode. By the end of the episode they have worked it out and finish with their family. This teaches us that conflict doesn’t have to ruin relationships and can be solved. The show demonstrates to us how to forgive and move on just as good as or even better than before the conflict. In the show they also run a business and get work done while remaining friends.

Part B
In my generation technology is everywhere and is a part of our lives, media is all over. It is important that this is addressed as it can cause society to act and do very different things. Media is affecting the way in which we interact with each other, make our decisions, and how to handle tough times. Movies, advertisements, TV, and the internet are constantly watched or used by our society and can change ones initial idea.
Most movies are filled with action and thrill normally caused by bad decisions. If movies didn’t have the actors making bad decisions or taking risks the movies would become very boring. Although the viewers see the bad decision being made and the risky lifestyle and think that it’s a great way of life. When seeing movie stars abuse drugs in a scene the viewer can sub conscientiously have a