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The Physical Education Challenge

All school years are required to take physical education. During periods of time every week, students have the chance to only focus on exercise. The subject of gym usually relates to sports while weight training uses exercising equipment. Yet, as society has made new advances, the idea of what physical education should be has changed as well. While some people believe that physical education should be about an introduction to different sports, I think it should be focused on personal fitness.

Introducing children to personal fitness at a young age will provide them with knowledge of movement skills and occasionally facts about the human body. As they learn these things, the students can use it in the future to stay fit. By using what they learned about exercise in gym, students are able to continue work out without being required. Learning specific topics such as the different types of muscles used will benefit those who would want to go more into a fitness career. The techniques learned in personal fitness would allow a person to stay healthy for a lifetime.

Exercise not only keeps a person fit, but also active during daily lifestyles. After becoming used to physical activity, a person’s energy would receive a boost. This boost keeps them active during the whole day unlike people who don’t exercise. Instead of taking a quick energy drink, exercise would leave a person in much better shape. Research shows that being more active