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Daily Stretching / Running Our daily stretching helped me improve my muscular strength by making me more flexible. Every Tuesday was our special stretching we would go out in the football field and start on the 20 yard line and end on the 40 yard line and we would do a series of stretches before we ran our mile. And this helped with my flexibility because I could reach my toes a bit more and now I could do a full backbend without complaining it hurting. Our daily runs helped me with my self esteem because all my mile runs were under ten minutes and that was my goal for PE and every single mile run I approved every time. It made me feel good about myself and some days when running the mile in the heat it didn’t stop me from running I pushed myself harder. Also, I noticed I started to become more active I started playing outdoors more with my brothers and after a week I noticed I started to lose some pounds and my personal goal was to feel good about my body and weight and I finally am. PE’s running and daily stretching helped me with my flexibility and with my confidence about myself.

Yoga Day/ Weight Room Day Yoga days helped me with my stress problems. It helped me to breathe and be calmer. I also, got to learn new challenges and interesting things that I didn’t know about yoga such as upward and downward dog, warrior pose, and many others. It made me feel strong and healthy about myself. It also cleared my mind on the stressful things that I was already going