Essay about Peace: Human Migration and New Delhi

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History Research Project-
Adith Singh was born in a small village called Bawana, located in the North West region of New Delhi, in India. He completed an adequate amount of his schooling in a village school not far from his residence. When Adith completed his schooling he was 17 years old, at that point in time he was planning to migrate to Australia in the hope of a better life. His plans required him to frequently go the main Delhi District where he applied for all the appropriate migration certificates and papers. After almost 3 years of waiting he received all the required documents (passport, visa, etc). At present he is 23 years old living in Homebush, a suburb located in the Inner-west region of Sydney, Australia.
Adith moved to Australia almost 2 and half years ago, his main motivations for migrating to a country like Australia was for a good life, he believes that this is the land of opportunity. He feels that compared to Bawana it is so much easier to get a job here in the Sydney city. When he migrated to Australia he came alone, leaving all his family members in Bawana. He is still looking for a suitable job. In the next few months his hopes are to find a satisfactory job so he can earn enough money to bring the rest of his family here.
His village was isolated from the urban district, and didn’t seem to have much political support from the government. For young men and women of this village seeking job opportunities was, and still is a difficult task. This isolation meant that also applying for visa and a passport was hard. He had to travel to the urban district of New Delhi, the epicenter of Urban India. He applied for a visa and passport approximately five times before finally being approved three years later. He was approaching 21 years of age when he finally managed to migrate to Australia.
When he first arrived here he was a 20 year old man who felt insecure about the fact that he didn’t know where to go? Who to go to? And, what to