Essay on Peace Like A River Relationship Between Reuben And Swede

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Prompt: What is the relationship between Reuben and Swede in Peace Like a River? In Peace Like a River, the brother-sister relationship Reuben has with Swede reflects the fondness they have towards each other, however, the loving atmosphere around their relationship gradually changes over time as they start their journey to find Davy. Since the beginning, Reuben and Swede “rarely quarreled, for [Reuben] never held opinions in those days, and [Swede’s] were never wrong” (5). Between the two Land children, Swede is apparently more talkative than Reuben, voicing out her opinions while Reuben’s opinions seem to dissipate into the air without a concern or acknowledgement. Since his opinions are never mentioned, quarrels hardly ever surfaced between the two siblings. But, when the Land family stayed at August and Birdie’s home due to the fact that the couple obtained news of their missing family member, Davy, Reuben went off on a horse ride with August to his dad’s childhood home. Arriving back to the couple’s home on horseback, Reuben predicted that “Swede would be simmering over [his] sneaking off to ride” (147). As he had assumed, during breakfast “Swede would hardly look at him” (147). Though the two children were not technically arguing, Swede’s ignorance reflected her anger towards her older brother. At this moment, the siblings began to wander apart. When the Land family stopped at “Dale’s Oil Company”, they met a woman named Roxanna. The bond Reuben had with his sister weakened as Swede fixated her attention onto Roxanna, which allowed her to create a friendship with the older woman. Similar to the time Reuben left off with August in the morning without Swede, when Reuben woke up in Roxanna’s home, “Swede’s bed was empty…Roxanna and Swede were heaving at the big square barn door, trying to slide it