Essay peace through service

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Peace through service

I always hear about what people do that is life changing for themselves and others, and I've never go to say the same thing, until today. I woke up to the a loud sound banging on the kitchen table below me, I suddenly got out of bed not even hesitating, and I ran down stairs. My heart was pounding thinking something is wrong. As I turn the corner I see my mom, putting cans of all kinds of food in a big bag. She asked me to help load the cans in the bag. “Whats this for?” I asked.
“We are going to donate these cans to the homeless today, would you like to come?” Today was Rachel's birthday, and I love birthday parties and I much rather be with my friends.The coolest people at my school would be there, why would I be anywhere else but there?

“No thanks, I have a party.”
My mom Just said ok, and I turned around to go up stairs when my mom dropped a can and made a loud noise echoing the room sounding like a big roar from a bear. I picked it up and helped her pack. “Whats so bad about going to help people?” she asked.
That question never really ran through my mind. As I continued to put more cans in the bag, I thought about it. It was silent. “Just giving a can, not even, just a hug, to someone in need would mean a lot. Do you know what this is?” she raised the can in the air.

“Its a can.” I said with confidence.
“Its not just a can with beans in it, its a can full of hope. Its something they would die for, just this can of beans. This can to you is just a can, but to them its happiness.”
It was silent again, and I realized that I was being selfish, imagine weeks eating a can of beans, or maybe anything you find off the streets, I cant even imagine what it be like with nothing, no house, no clothes, no money.. “Honey can you take this bag to the car? Ill take you to Rachel's before we go.” My mom smiled and gave me the bag, I knew she was disappointed. I mean, I wouldn’t blame her? I opened the door and put the bag in and all of a sudden I heard someone call my name. I turned around and it was my neighbor Lisa. “Going to Rachel's party?!” she asked.
I was about to say yes, when I remembered what my mom said. “Not this year, Im feeding the homeless.”
She then said she'll just see me at school and went inside. And honestly, I felt