Peace Weavers And Grendel S Mother Essay

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Angelina Reyes
British Literature
Ms. LaBarge
14 November 2014 Peace-weavers and Grendel’s Mother Jane Chance in the article title “Grendel’s mother and the Women of Beowulf” states that the women of Beowulf are seen as peace weavers except Grendel’s mother. Jane Chance analysis is correct because Grendel’s mother is the only women who takes revenge and is seen as a monster. Chance points out that the women in Beowulf are peace-weaver by their marriage or by passing out the cups during the mead. However Grendel’s mother even though she is a woman she is not a peace weaver. Chance has a point when she points out that the role of the women in Beowulf is to be peace weavers by their actions. Chance argues, “Wealhtheow becomes a peace-pledge to unite the Danes and Frisians through her marriage and freawaru at least intends to pledge peace between the Danes and Heathobards” (Chance 108). Here she explains how the marriage of the women creates peace between tribes, demonstrating their role as peace-weaver. In Beowulf Hygd her peace action was different, “The Hygd offered him throne and authority as lord of the ring-hoard: with Hygelac dead, she had no belief in her son's ability to defend their homeland against foreign invaders” (2369-2372). Queen Hygd offers the throne of the Geats to Beowulf because her husband dies and she thinks her son is too young to be a king. She offers the throne to Beowulf for the protection of the people, creating a safety and a peaceful life to the Geats. The women in Beowulf do have a role and their role as women is to create peace within their actions. According to Chance Grendel’s mother is seen as evil and monstrous from the rest of the women in Beowulf. Chance states, “Grendel’s mother intent on avenging the loss of her son in the present attacks Heorot, her masculine aggressions contrasting with the feminine passivity of both Wealhtheow and