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Peaches Brown
INF 103
Instructor Brown
May 1, 2013

When going back to school, I thought that it would be very hard because it’s online. As I spent my days and night learning different things from another world I thought this isn’t so bad. Now days with technology being so fascinating, there are a lot of things going online. In my paper, I will talk about online education, stealing, and how online maybe good or bad for us. From being in a campus classroom or online, I think education is very important. It took me a while to tell myself to go back to school so that you can better yourself. It wasn’t until I started getting older and saying I want to open my own business one day but I didn’t know anything about opening my own business. So I got up one day and look at my children and thought to myself that, I want my children to have a better life than what I had growing up and further more I want them to look at me and say I want to be just like mommy so I’m going to stay in school. Even if they don’t decide to go to school on a campus and go to school online, they will be a success. Speaking of online, I have really grown to enjoy online learning it is really teaching me some new things. Online has taught me how to have online etiquette with my peers and instructors, distance learning has taught me how to interact with people from afar and I can honestly say that it is amazing. The two major improvements and changes in online education in a digital classroom that I really love is synchronous and asynchronous learning. The difference between the two is that with synchronous you have a set time and asynchronous you don’t have a set time and it gives me time to take care of my children, household, and go to work. I get to be home with my children to raise them to show them right from wrong. I know kids are a handful but you have to watch them to make sure they are heading down the right path. Sometimes you can do everything in your will and power and it still don’t be enough. One thing I don’t like is stealing, and sometimes people might think you stealing but that’s not the case because it’s not theirs to begin with. If you post something on my Facebook site and someone cuts and pastes it on their site is that a case for stealing my