Pearl Habor War Essay

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Pearl Harbor

Cherish Haynes
World War II
Hour 2
On Dec 7th, 1941 the United States were attacked by naval and air forces of the empire of Japan on the island of Hawaii.Which the Japanese felt they could have control over the pacific islands, if they attacked Pearl Harbor. There were 170 Japanese aircraft mostly torpedo bombers that attacked the fleet anchored in Pearl Harbor. The Battleship Arizona was hit with an armor-piercing bomb which penetrated the ship into blowing up and sinking. In 2001, there had been a movie released based upon the Japanese attack on the United States called “Pearl Harbor”. This was based upon two close friends known as Rafe (Ben Affleck) and Danny (Josh Hartnett). Around the time when World War II breaks out in Europe, American had chosen not to join but they were still trained. So, they joined as being the first lieutenants in the United States Army Air Corps.While in Training Rafe meets a young lady by the name of Evelyn and happens to fall in love with her. When he is volunteered to go fly with the British in Europe, while the American were not at war. He had been reported shot down and presumed killed, however Danny confronted Rafe’s former lover, Evelyn and they had beganned to draw closer with one another. When Rafe turns up alive, the two former friends become enimies.In the midst of this love triangle is when the Japanese attacked on Pearl Harbor and they set aside their differences with one another.
The next morning, on December 7, they are interrupted by the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor by Zero fighters, Val dive bombers and Kate torpedo bombers. The surprise Japanese air raid sinks the battleships USS Arizona, USS Oklahoma and many other ships. Back at the hospital, Evelyn helps tend to the dozens of wounded who come in and must help decide who can and cannot be saved. Meanwhile, Rafe and Danny are the only two who manage to get airborne and shoot down seven Japanese aircraft with P-40s using their reckless tactics, including an old game of theirs called chicken. The two men then go to the hospital, where Evelyn takes blood from them for the hundreds of injured soldiers, and later aid in trying to rescue the many men still in the harbor. In the aftermath, the survivors attend a memorial service for the fallen victims after the U.S. declaration of war on Japan. There had been a great loss of American Soldiers and those who help prepare for the war. President Franklin D. Roosevelt (Jon Voight) wants to send a message that the Japanese homeland is not immune from bombing .He describe these attacks as being unprovoked and dastardly, without hesitation Congress had voted war on Japan.Rafe and Danny had been promoted to captain and awarded the Silver Start and had been assigned to fight in Colonel Doolittle for a dangerous and top-secret mission. During, this mission they are to fly B-25 Mitchell medium bombers from the aircraft carrier USS Hornet, bomb Tokyo and then land in the friendly Chinese Territory. They both had succeeded in their bombing but crashed right into a rice field in a Japanese area where they had ran out of fuel. Where Danny had been wounded by the Japanese and while Rafe holds him, he dies. There were men, who went out into the War strong and taking a risk for their country.
Danny and Rafe had been two great men who had a tremendous impact on the scene of the attack of the Pacific Islands. The scene in the movie showed how the United States, is at peace while World War II is raging, the General and the captain had received orders to be on the watch. Dec 6, 1941 was just ordinary Saturday night at the Pearly Harbor, the naval base of the U.S. Pacific fleet on the Island of Oahu, Hawaii. Some of the Solider as well as sailors had been doing things on there leisure times. The Navy officers had been stationed at Pearl Harbor are not on any special alert not knowing they would wake up on a Sunday Morning, while the sailors and soldiers had still been