Pearl Harbor Essay

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Pearl Harbor/ Bataan
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Pearl Harbor
Date: December 7,1941
Location: Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
United States

Admiral Husband Kimmel
Major General Walter Short


Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto


Pearl Harbor
The US placed an embargo on Japan on its steel, scrap metal and oil supply. This was a threat to Japan's survival.

What happened?:
On Sunday, December 7, 1941, the Japanese fleet arrived at
Pearl Harbor without any sort of notice and attacked.

It was partly a success with the sinking of 3 battleships, and the destruction of 300 aircraft and more than 2000 dead. But it was not enough as many US aircraft carriers and battleships escaped the attack.
This forced them to break away from their isolationist policy and into real warfare. They joined in the war as one of the Allied members and counter-attacked Japan as a form of revenge over its naval destruction.
This brought about the collapse of
Japan empire.

Significance and Strategies:
Pearl Harbor is a symbol of what many consider the ultimate betrayal of one country towards another. The US holds
Pearl Harbor also as a symbol of sacrifice.In addition, the US entered
WWII because of the events at Pearl
Japanese government pretended to be continuing negotiations with the United
States. US military’s inability to correctly interpret the information they recieving left Pearl Harbor an open target. Battle of Bataan
Date: January 7 to April 9, 1942
Location: Bataan Peninsula, Philippines

General Douglas MacArthur
Lieutenant General Jonathan Wainwright
Major General Edward King


Lieutenant General Masaharu Homma


Battle of Bataan
What Happened?

Japanese army and navy invaded islands in the Philippine
General Douglas MacArthur of the American forces brought his troops together at the Bataan