Pearl Harbor Dbq

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War has always been a major topic to think about. It sparks many questions like, will war ever end? Why did the war even start? War has been around for a long time, about as long as humans have been around. War exists because countries will always be greedy, have different beliefs, and hunger for power. They do this to get what is best for their people living in their country. Alliance happens when two countries get together with another power hungry country to achieve a greater good. In an article by David P. Barash, he argues that there will always be war and he explains war as two forces within each other that struggle for supremacy. Greedy countries would be an example of two forces fighting against each other for land, resources, …show more content…
In the article titled “Pearl Harbor”, it explains why the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor “The causes of the attack on Pearl Harbor stemmed from intensifying Japanese-American rivalry in the Pacific. Japan’s imperial ambitions had been evident from as early as 1931. . . Japan pursued an aggressive foreign policy aimed at creating the ‘Greater East Asia Co-prosperity Sphere’, a euphemism for a Japanese empire modelled on European ones of the 19th century.” The Greater East Asia Co-prosperity Sphere, was a circle of islands in the Pacific Ocean that the Japanese were wanting to claim. They were wanting this land for rubber, oil, and metals to become a better country. This circle of land included Hawaii and it seemed appropriate for Japan to attack Pearl Harbor which is a military base in Hawaii. The plan was to destroy United States’ fighting ships, transportation ships, planes, and the hospital located on Pearl Harbor (“Pearl Harbor”). Even after a fairly successful attack on the United States, they had more plans. Days later, Japan attacked Malaya, Hong Kong, Guam, Philippine Islands, Wake Island, and Midway Island (Bliven). This shows that Japan wouldn’t settle for just one country. The leaders of the Japan were going for what they thought was best for their …show more content…
After World War Two, the Jewish people were given a large part of Palestine, which split up the country (“Guide: Why Are Israel and the Palestinians Fighting over Gaza?”). This generated anger in the Arabian people who were already living there. They did not want to accept the new country. The new country had a piece of land known as the Gaza strip that was not claimed by either of the two countries (Hahn). Israel and Palestine both wanted the Gaza strip causing war. The United States got involved in this war because of alliance with Israel. Overall, this situation is a major mess that might not end for a while because of greed within the Israelis and Palestinians and an alliance between Israel and the United States.
These are just three of the thousands of wars to show the cause of war is definitely greed. In David P. Barash’s argument that war will never end, World War Two, the attack on Pearl Harbor, and the Palestinian and Israeli war explains why wars will never end. Wars have been around the same amount of time humans have been around and will continue to be around because of greedy, power hungry countries striving to achieve what they think is best for their