Ambivalence In The Scarlet Letter

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Scarlet Letter Pearl’s Ambivalence in the Novel
The ambivalence concerning Pearl's description is mainly revolved around how Pearl is seen as a demon by the people around her-sometimes even by Hester- even though Pearl is actually a symbol that represents how she is the purest character in the entire novel. Pearl was first described as being, "worthy to have been brought forth in Eden"(Hawthorne 59). Then later her eyes are negatively described her eyes as being an," unsearchable abyss"(Hawthorne 64). These two descriptions juxtapose one another because Hawthorne has described objects and characters in his novel differently like the rose and how it is described as being in an ugly place and containing ugly characteristics yet being gorgeous and Hester as having done a sinful ugly action and then her physical appearance describes her as being beautiful. However, Pearl was described angelic at first then later on as being what people thought of her as within the novel- a demon. And not only is Pearl described as a demon, she is given multiple descriptions within a whole chapter dedicated to only her unlike most of the other characters that were described vaguely by Hawthorne. Hester claimed that Pearl's name meant she was her, "Only treasure"(Hawthorne 59). Hester was an outcast and also dressed differently than other people and in turn she tried harder for her child to look better than herself by making Pearl bolder clothes that made her stand out in a crowd for a good