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Pediatric Oncology is a specialty discipline in treating children, usually up to the age of 18, with cancer. I chose the occupation of pediatric oncology because it would give me the chance to save children’s lives and well as ease their pain. Families need support during troubled times and I would be able to help with that as well, knowing that your child is in good care allows for comfort for the parents.
The nature of pediatric cancer care requires that its specialist physicians largely practice in a hospital setting because of the types of treatments their patients require. The practices within these hospitals often are designed not only to examine and treat children but to make them comfortable while they are there, particularly because the conditions that afflict them can be frightening for them. Pediatric oncologists also work in teaching hospitals as instructors or professors.
In becoming a PO, first, you must earn a bachelor’s degree. Second, pass the MCAT. Third, apply to medical school. Fourth, graduate from medical school. Fifth, obtain medical licensure. Sixth, complete a pediatric residency program. Seventh, become board certified in pediatrics. Eighth, participate in a pediatric oncology fellowship. Ninth, earn a board certification in pediatric hematology-oncology.
Pay for a PO averages around 96,050-342,081 per year while average yearly bonus is around 51869 per year. The job outlook for this occupation is predicted to grow 18