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Pediatricians are doctors who specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of an assortment of illnesses in children. Generally pediatricians work with patients from birth to twenty-one years of age. Pediatricians take care of the physical, mental and emotional well-being of their patients. The day-to-day duties of a pediatrician are treating minor injuries and mild infectious diseases. When a patient has a more serious illness the pediatrician has the duty of referencing advanced health care specialists and facilities. Patient care is a big part of the job but pediatricians also work to understand the needs of the patient. Pediatricians often work with parents to develop an appropriate assessment and diagnosis. Pediatricians often perform research to diagnose and evaluate patients. They often do lab work, tests, or any number of blood tests. Pediatricians can also work as an advocate for the patient if the circumstances are appropriate. Pediatricians are responsible for administering immunizations and arrange for extensive care if necessary. Pediatricians are also responsible for a certain amount of administrative responsibilities. They must take care of all the paperwork for the visits with patients. They must also make sure that the proper prescriptions are provided and also handle the charting that goes with each of the patients.

The education requirements for becoming a pediatrician are almost the same as any other career in the medical field. Candidates must first acquire their bachelor’s degree. Getting a bachelor’s degree takes four years. You can choose any major you want as long as you take the required premed courses. Then you must take the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT). The MCAT tests problem solving, critical thinking, written analysis, writing skills, and knowledge of scientific concepts and principles. During medical school students will learn a variety of medical and health care practices. Medical school takes four years. After graduating med school you’ll be in residency. In residency you’ll receive specialized training. Residency can take anywhere from three to eight years. The amount of time spent in residency depends on the pediatric specialty, if any. The average debt accumulated by med students was 95,000 in 2000.
Pediatricians have many potential work places. Pediatricians can work in hospitals, in private practices, in a clinic, in schools, and they can even choose to do house calls. Hospital pediatrician jobs are very specialized. Pediatricians who work at hospitals must be capable of treating minors regardless of their condition. Specialists handle the most difficult cases with ease in their own specialty. Pediatricians working in private practices