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Pedroam Marashi
Professor Williams
English 102
March 27th, 2014

The Unnaturalness Of War In Naming Of Parts, it seems natural for those in war to disassemble and reassemble their gun on a daily basis. It soon becomes a second act of nature to these men to know their gun inside and out. In Naming of parts it is required that soldiers do in fact know the names of their parts on their gun. Each part of the gun written is explained in such a way that it becomes understandable to those who don’t know anything about a gun. Nature and sex are spoken of and related to certain parts of the gun to elaborate their specific functions. Being able to name all parts of a gun and know how they go in place is unnatural to pedestrians. There are certain cases in which people do know how to properly disassemble and reassemble a gun, but to those who have never even touch a firearm; this remains an unknown. To those who hunt and have to use a firearm daily this is not unnatural. Then again those who use a firearm daily is such a small percentage compared to those who do not. As far as knowing the inside and out of a gun, it still remains unnatural to wear a fully suited camouflage uniform everyday when going to work. Another factor of unnaturalness is the fact of having a shaved head as a part of a soldier’s uniform. To those who earn a living by working in the community instead of serving the community get to wear shorts, or pants, or even suits and ties with whatever hair style they desire. Next, in The Death Of The Ball Turret Gunner, it stands natural for a Turret Gunner to be replaces after one is deceased. When a Turret Gunner has done his job and fulfilled his duty as a soldier for his country, he is not rewarded nor is he remembered as an individual. There is no proper burial, ceremony or memorial service for those who have died for their country as a Turret Gunner. The poem illustrates the inner thoughts of a Turret Gunner and he even knows that once he is dead that he will be flushed out of the plane like all the rest before him. This to him is very unnatural and terrifying. To serve your country at this point in time (WWII) is a time where recognition is not drawn toward anyone for their bravery and accomplishments as an individual risking their life to defend what it is that they believe in. As a Turret Gunner in a huge state of the art aircraft killing machine, the average life span of a Gunner was shorter than everyone on board the plane. Flying in both a B54 and a B17 required the Turret Gunner to be rather short so that way they would fit in the Ball Turret. The needed height was around 5’4” and required those to sit hunched over with their knees