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Cody Martinez
Katherine Hurly
Peer Evaluation

Peer Evaluation Keith Ruybal

Keith’s speech about metal music being judged before being known was a really thought out and researched speech. It had much strength and very few weaknesses with his presentation and I want to bring those to light. Keith’s speech had a really string introduction, he told a very solid story. Along with his story, his confidence about this topic was off the charts. Keith was so confident it provided him so much credibility that I would have believed anything he said. Keith also had very good conversational tone, not too loud and not too quite. He also had a really good visual aid, showing just enough information but as well as adding videos that really supported his claim. Keith also hardly ever looked at his speech. He had it there, and the PowerPoint behind him, but he hardly ever looked at it. He knew exactly what he was talking about and it really showed. A weakness that Keith had was also a strength as well. Keith made excellent eye contact…to one side of the room. I remember looking at him and I saw him looking at the audience, but he only looked to left side of the room, never to the right side. And another thing I wish Keith would have added to his speech and he didn’t remove it, was his comparison to jazz and metal. I personally, and I know of at least two more people in the classroom, appreciated and understood what he meant when he said jazz was hard. I feel like if Keith had…