Peer Leadership Essay

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29 January 2014
Grade: 11 As I walked to my homeroom on the first day of freshman year I was completely panic stricken. Walking down the hallways that seemed to go on forever was something I had never experienced before and I had felt completely out of my comfort zone. As the year progressed, Peer Leadership had done a prodigious job during all freshman transitions. Each Peer Leader made me feel at ease; whether it was directing me to my next class, or being an excellent role model for myself as well as my peers. The impact each Peer Leader had left on me was extraordinary. From that day on, I had promised myself that I would work as hard as I could to follow in the footsteps of such an amazing group of Leaders. Three years later, I am so close to achieving my goal. Since then, I have been apart of many school related activities as well as unrelated school activities. It is in my belief that I possess the many qualities it takes to become an outstanding Peer Leader. These qualities consist of having a positive attitude, tolerating opinions of others’ and forming creative ideas to help improve Marlboro High School. I take part in some of the many after school clubs MHS has to offer. I am a proud member of Family Career and Community Leaders of America (formally known as FCCLA), the Yearbook club, and the Spanish club. FCCLA has taught me many leadership skills such as character development, career preparation, creative and critical thinking, and communication with others. We have done many fundraisers throughout the year including collecting food for people who cannot afford to buy their own, and selling treats before and after school to the student body in order to raise money. Since I have become a part of Yearbook Club I have learned a voluminous amount of things. One of the most imperative things I acquired from being a member of this club is tolerance of others’ opinions and creative thinking. Being that Yearbook Club consists of many people, everyone has a different vision for how they want this years’ yearbook to look like. Instead of banishing everyone’s ideas besides my own, I carefully listened to each individual’s opinion and took it into deep consideration along with my peers. Yearbook club has also taught me to creatively think. Instead of making just a plain yearbook, or doing only what is told of you and nothing more, think outside of the box and go the extra mile. I also take part in the Spanish Club. This club teaches you about the Spanish heritage and also raises money. Last month my fellow club members and I fundraised by selling Taco Bell’s tacos to students and teachers. By taking part in this, I advanced my public speaking as well as my positive attitude because no one would