Essay on Peer Pressure

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Priorities That SHOULD NOT Come Before your Health
Every single person that has entered this world is thundered with choices, and some make the wrong decision one time or another. In some cases this could be life or death. The years of adolescence are hard enough considering all of the changes our bodies and mind go through. But health is one of the main priorities we humans should keep track of. Nothing as simple and easily preventable such as alcoholism should get in our way to protect our health.
Men and women risk their lives every day when they abuse drugs. Alcohol is one of the most commonly used drugs in the world, following caffeine. Alcohol slows the central nervous system which results in lack of balance, blurred vision, speech problems, and slow reaction time. This is the reason you shouldn’t drink and drive. Alcohol is a thief, stealing your ability to make good judgments and your reaction time. But Alcohol poisoning is much more serious than recreational drinking. Alcohol poisoning is when one person drinks a great amount of alcohol in a small amount of time; this can lead to seizures, falling unconscious, and even death.
Teens all around the world are pressured every day. Teens are perfectly capable of making their own verdict, but may not make the right one. There are two types of peer pressure, good peer pressure and bad. Good peer pressure for example, is a friend persuading you not to go running in the height of day (a teen may not necessarily understand the dangers of heat), because it’s too hot outside, or someone who pushes to doing your homework instead of going out that night. These friends are putting a positive influence in your life. But there are always going to