Essay on Peer Pressure

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Eddie Young

Peer Pressure
Peer Pressure can disturb a person’s choices heavily. Peer pressure drives people to make an immediate decision giving it little to no thought at all. This is dangerous because this makes a person conform to someone elses ideas. This factor can influence people and allow them to become weak minded or just more dependant on others. Peer pressure almost seems like a petty version of temporarily brainwashing somebody. The pressure can make you develop into someone you aren’t. Peer pressure isn’t always unhealthy though. It can be used in a beneficial way if a person is putting a forward­looking message through another person. For example if your peer wants to persuade you to do your schoolwork, that results in a positive outcome if you agree to conform. Peer pressure is more apparent when it comes to drugs or hazardous acts.
This usually happens because a person is trying to keep to their true selves, but theres always that one person who wants you to do what they do. I feel like peer pressuring somebody is easier to execute when on the subject of substances or “fun.” Societal pressure can also be used to contaminate a person’s decision making.The people who haven’t quite found themselves are more susceptible to conforming under societal pressure. They may be more prone to collapse under societal pressure because they want to be authorized by society. They are so into being

accepted by others that they forget to accept themselves. Societal pressure seems to make people admire a certain person or look. They try to be or look like that and may eventually have a hard time recognizing themselves. Yet there is some good in societal pressure, if you are a person who is strong minded enough and see that you do not want to be like the rest of society, this is a positive effect of societal pressure. This means the society in which you are surrounded by helped you be your own person. I think a persons’ choice to