Peer Pressure In The Odyssey

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Peer Pressure At Its Finest
Lindsay Lohan, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, and Jennifer Lawrence all have one thing in common. They all have been arrested for substance abuse. Smoking, drinking, and illegal activity are becoming more common when others are encouraging our societies “good kids” to do them. More than likely these “good celebrities” were encouraged by others to do drugs, which ended with all of them spending time in jail. They could have easily avoided these experiences by withstanding peer pressure. Not falling into peer pressure is believing in what you think is right, although others think you’re wrong; sticking up and defending your thoughts even if you’re the only one who believes them. Sort of how in the epic The Odyssey Odysseus's men were starving, and kept trying to convince Odysseus to let them feast on some of Helios cattle. Odysseus ignored his men’s pressure but, without Odysseus’s consent, they gave into their temptations which they later had to pay for. Although Odysseus was right he wasn’t being closed-minded because he knew what would happen if they ate the cattle. Be careful to not mistake not giving into peer pressure with
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I’m a Christian, so I’m not going to direct this at all of them, but some can be closed-minded in situations. A good example would be gay marriage. Daniel King, who wrote 14 Reasons the Supreme Court Got It Wrong On Gay Marriage, is an evangelist who preaches to over 60 nations. He stated, “Homosexuala are not born, they are created” and, ”Homosexuality behavior is the result of choice, not genetic code.” This is an amazing example of closed-mindedness. He is inferring in his text that all christians hate homosexuals and they are all going to hell. He continues to insist that he is right and the only way to think about gay people is his way. Unlike him I have been able to stand my ground and not be closed-minded or fall into peer