Peer Review and Writing Skills Essay

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During my WRIT 102 class, I have grown to be a strong, consistent writer, and I know that my papers have seriously improved since even last semester. Now although there is no one way to write well, I believe my essays have become more articulate, interesting, and easier to understand. Not only have I improved my papers in WRIT 102, but my writing skills have helped me prepare speeches for my Speech 102 class. There are three ways in which I was able to improve in, including proofreading, peer review, and learning from my past grammar mistakes. My song comparison essay was my most refined essay, and probably my best one because I made my best grade on it. During Mr. O’Brien’s WRIT 102 class, I honed my writing skills, and those techniques have been very useful in other parts of my life.
By using proofreading, peer review, and learning from my mistakes on my papers, I made my papers interesting and insightful. Our first essay was a song comparison essay, and I had to compare Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” and Boyz II Men’s “End of the Road”. I chose this paper because it was a challenging assignment for me, but I am glad because I felt this paper made me a better writer overall. I had to show that although these songs were meant for different audiences they both sent the same basic message. These songs are very different in musical style and content, but they focused on finding love. My rough draft was pretty good, but I used my proofreading skills, which I got from my WRIT 102 class, to make that paper a great essay. Also, I took advantage of the peer review process where we proofread other people’s papers for mistakes. Everyone benefits from this process, and I learned where I can improve my essays. My proofreaders caught many of my mistakes and showed me where I could have worded a phrase more clearly. Oftentimes, I could not see the errors in my rough draft simply because I had grown accustomed to reading it, but when the peer reviewers read it, they caught those hidden mistakes. Also, I found errors in my citations, so through the peer review process, I was able to catch those mistakes. Furthermore, once I got my graded paper back, I was able to see where I made grammar and MLA mistakes. With this knowledge, I am able to prevent myself from making those careless errors again. My papers afterwards in the semester were improved because of what I learned from my grammar and MLA mistakes in my song comparison essays. I used proofreading, peer review, and learning from my mistakes on papers to create better essays.

I also benefited from my WRIT 102 class because it helped me in other academic classes. Being able to write articulately helped me in other classes such as biology lab and my speech class. In these classes, I had to make presentations and speeches, so I