Essay on Peer Reviews of Currency Conversion Test Procedure

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Appendix K

Currency Conversion Peer Review

Design Inspection Report

Programmers Name:

Date of Inspection

Inspectors Name:

Use the following criteria to evaluate the Currency Conversion Test Procedure.

If the answer to the item question is yes, put an X next to that item under the Yes column. If the answer is no, please add details next to that item under the respective Comments column.

Is the problem description clear, concise, and accurate?

2. x Are the inputs to the program identified?

3. x Are the outputs to the program identified?


Does the test input result in the expected output?

Did not show each process that was being tested.

List of Defects: Identify defects by checklist number and observed error, but do not include any corrective action.

The testing procedure did not test everything and is incomplete.

Currency Conversion

Test Case 1
Input: user enters 1 for Canadian Dollars, set continue = false
Test Case 2
Input: user enters 2 for Mexican Pesos set continue = false
Test Case 3
Input: user enters 3 for English Pounds set continue = false
Test Case 4
Input: user enters 4 for Japanese Yen set continue = false
Test Case 5
Input: user enters 5 for French Francs set continue = false
Test Case 6
Input: user enters 6 for Quit set continue = false
Test Case 7
Input: user enters 7
Output: Display “"Error 4: Invalid menu selection." continue = true

Get International Value
Get International Value
Declare value as integer
Declare continue as Boolean
Set continue = true
While continue = true
Display "Enter a currency value (positive number): "