Pekin Paintball: A Short Story

Words: 211
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So my friend wanted my best friend and I to go to Pekin Paintball with his family for his birthday. We both were like yes! So we got dressed with 2 layers on and we got a ride with him. We got there and got our guns, air and our masks to protect our faces. Then we divided our big group up to kids v.s adults. We smoked them I hit my friends sisters boyfriend in the face when he tried to look up from his hiding spot. Then we mixed up the the teams and the game was on. I was hiding behind 3 barrels and I ran across to get a better hiding spot. When I was running across I saw my friend crouched. I knew it was something was going to happen. I looked at him in his eyes then I tried to run my hardest. Then I heard the gun go off. I could’ve saw the